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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 36

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Contributor bio: Monika Dryburgh

Youngish Melbournian nerdy multiply mostly-invisibly disabled linguaphile bricoleur.

Studied: Psychology / Neuroscience / Linguistics / German / Gender Studies.

Currently attempting to navigate second (and third and fourth) shift for the sick and construct an interdisciplinary PhD thesis about the lived experience of fatigue in chronic illness from: sociology of sleep theory / feminist sensibilities / disability research ethics / personal experience.


No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 32-35

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The Glass Tower

By John Makin

(TW: emotional abuse, imprisonment)

Have you seen the big glass tower where everyone can live
Where everybody has a place, a role, something to give
For everyone is wanted there and none feels out of place
But still I'm outside looking in upon that awesome space

I feel the cold, I feel the dark, my face pressed to the glass
Watching people come and go and through those portals pass


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