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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 82-84

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He'll no be there

by John Makin

A smart young man was out one day

Clipboard in his hand,

When down the street he chanced to meet

A worker of the land.

“Do you know Old farmer Giles

That works the Bank Top Farm?”

“Happen I do”, he says and smiles

And takes him by the arm.

“Go down the street and round the bend

And up the covered way,

Then along the road right to the end

And two miles up the brae.”


“Well thank you very much indeed,

I'll be on my way.”

“No, dinna rush, there is no need,

He'll no be there, the day!”

“So do you know where he will be?

If he'll return and when?”

“No, which way he went I didna see

But he'll no be there, y' ken.”

“Do you suppose that I should wait?

For I have come some way,”

“There is no need, I tell you straight

He'll no be there today.”


“You seem to know Giles very well;

Do you see him everyday?”

“I've never seen him, in the flesh

But he'll no be there today.”

“Then you really don't know Giles

That you must allow.”

But the farmer rubs his chin and smiles;

“He'll no be there, not now.”


“I'll  go up there and wait,” he said

And the young man, leaving, smiles.

While the farmer sadly shakes his head:

“But I'll no be there,” says Giles.


Contributor Bio: John Makin is a 64-year-old autist, long-time poet, and “reclusive scientific philosopher” who lives in Scotland. You can find more of his work at: