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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 68-69

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An illustration in colored pencil for a Giver fanfiction story that is divided into three sections with bust drawings of a woman and a girl and handwritten text.

Image: A drawing in colored pencil. In the top left corner is the head and neck of a woman with long brown wavy hair mostly pulled into a ponytail, blue eyes, and pale skin. Directly behind and circling her head is a ring of different berries and leaves, and behind that is what looks like a sunset of descending yellow, orange and pink with the pink at the bottom drawn dripping like blood. In the top right corner is a triquetra - three almond-shaped pieces each connected to a large ring and to each other. In the bottom left corner is a triple spiral symbol in black - three connected lines curling inward. In the bottom right corner is the head and neck of a young girl with neat, wavy shoulder-length brown hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin, with her mouth partly open, showing her top front teeth. She is in front of a grey moon encircled in black with a blue background. In the center of the page are the names Aerona and Rhiannon written in two different scripts, with Aerona below the woman in the top left corner, and Rhiannon above the girl in the bottom right corner.


“[This] is also an illustration for a Giver fanfiction. It is not a cover of any story, but of a music mix I made on the website 8tracks (called Like Mother, Like Daughter). It applies to two semi-AU stories, Dissenters And Descendants (about Jonas's Birthmother, Rhiannon) and its prequel The Lost Daughter (about Rhiannon's Birthmother, Aerona). 


I drew a moon behind Rhiannon because her name refers to the Welsh Goddess of fertility and the moon. Behind Aerona is a ring of berries and the red bottom looks like it is bleeding. These refer to the meaning of her name, which can either be "carnage" or "berries".


Above Rhiannon is a triquetra. Below Aerona is a Triple Spiral symbol.”


Title: Aerona and Rhiannon


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