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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 55

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Contributor Bio: Claudia, 12 years old in grade 8!!  I like to skateboard, snowboard, play guitar and write songs/poems


Don’t Wanna Fall by Claudia Scali


I don't know why I'm here.
I don't know what I've become.
My whole worlds disappeared.
Now all I fee is numb.

I'm just trying to make my way,
make my way, make it now.
Trying to have my voice,
have my voice be heard out.

And I'm turning my life around
and upside down, upside down.
I just need my voice to be heard out,
to be heard out.

So where can I turn, who can call I call.
Where do I run, what if I fall.
I guess I'm afraid of loosing it all.
I don't wanna fall, don't wanna fall..