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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 36

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Contributor bio: Monika Dryburgh

Youngish Melbournian nerdy multiply mostly-invisibly disabled linguaphile bricoleur.

Studied: Psychology / Neuroscience / Linguistics / German / Gender Studies.

Currently attempting to navigate second (and third and fourth) shift for the sick and construct an interdisciplinary PhD thesis about the lived experience of fatigue in chronic illness from: sociology of sleep theory / feminist sensibilities / disability research ethics / personal experience.


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Heights dizzied me,
so perhaps i was finding a way to root myself more firmly
to this earth;
teaching myself the comforting press
of wanted arms around me,
keeping the floating and the fog at bay.

I never could sleep, even at the height of a Melbourne summer,
unless i could feel the the doona pulled tight
and safe against my skin.
A sleeping bag in a sun-warmed tent,
a welcomed bearhug,
an artificial womb.

I slept this way until i slept with Steve.