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No Missing Pieces #1 pg 2

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 19:56

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Thank You!! (from Jordan, editor of NMP#1)

Huge thanks to the contributors (in order of submission timeline): ChuckyDoll, Georgia H., Claudia Scali, Louise K., Daniel Obejas, Paige Mead, RT, Alyssa Aleksanian, IamShadow21, Jonas S. Lundström, Monika Dryburgh, John Makin, Jenn, Josh Medsker, Peter Hofmann, Chrissy Brands, Emily Brooks, Amythest Schaber, Martin Chartrand, Mel Baggs

Special thanks to jupiter-reborn on Tumblr for suggesting the name “No Missing Pieces”!

Many thanks to John/bigendernepeta for helping to write image descriptions, and for sharing image description examples with me!

Super duper thanks to shaggy-wolf @ Tumblr for helping me with this website!!

This project would not have happened without: lots of people on the #actuallyautistic tag on Tumblr and the Autistic community on Tumblr overall who supported and collaborated on this project this whole time with me, including choosing the title; Paul/par-la-fenetre on Tumblr for doing ABCs of Stimming and other wonderful autistic webcomics; the person(s) who runs the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) Tumblr page for promoting & supporting this zine; Amythest for mentioning No Missing Pieces in a Youtube video for Ask An Autistic; everyone who shared info about the zine on Tumblr, Twitter, Wrong Planet, email, etc.; Eric (who did an Autistic zine several years ago called “Fuck You and Your Puzzle Pieces”) for introducing me to the Autistic community (including #actuallyautistic), the disability community, disability rights & the neurodiversity movement in 2010, and for being my friend at the time (if you see this, sorry I was such a jerk); politeyeti @ Tumblr for writing the Autistic-Created Alternative Autism Criteria (link: