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No Missing Pieces Zine #1 pg 3

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 19:53

October / November, 2014

Hi. This is Jordan, the editor of No Missing Pieces Zine. Thanks for picking up a copy of this zine. I just have something I want to talk about for a moment.

Last summer/fall (2013), when I started this compilation zine (pronounced “zeen”, as in “magazine”) on the website Tumblr, I decided that I would do as little editing as I could, besides accessibility things. The major edits I’ve done are: added trigger warnings and/or content warnings, image descriptions, and slight formatting changes for easier readability where necessary. I also added contributor bios when people wanted me to. Then, I emailed back any edited versions to the contributors to give them opportunities to give me feedback and fix anything they didn’t like. I didn’t really do “standard editing”.

I decided very early on not to make any changes to spelling, grammar, or content because I didn’t want to take away from peoples’ work. (I also didn’t want to do too much editing since reading and writing tend to be hard for me.) Autistic people tend to have atypical ways of communicating and doing other things– though a lot of autistic people do not have ways to communicate for different reasons–since our brains are wired differently. I want to celebrate that. Autistic people (among other disabled people, and overlapping with other marginalized people) are considered somehow to be “incomplete”, less than human compared to nondisabled people, and we are treated horribly in blatant and subtle ways, and often we internalize that. My hope is that this zine will be at least a small part in reminding ourselves and others that we are as real, important, whole, and wonderful human beings as anyone, and that we deserve acceptance, respect, and care.

Please keep in mind that this zine is just a small sample of autistic people, unfortunately not like one of those assorted boxes of jellybeans with a few of every kind. I put in the submissions that were sent to me. I hope if there are further issues of this zine (online and/or on paper) that more autistic people will contribute, especially more people who are marginalized within the Autistic community.